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Offering both traditional and innovative psychological treatment

Our specialized clinical services (in addition to psychological counseling and testing) include the latest state-of-the art technology for direct brain training to help with ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Problematic Substance Use, Headaches, and more.
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Looking "Under the Hood": QEEG Brain Mapping and Neurotherapy

We are able to go well beyond surface symptoms and behaviors by utilizing QEEG Brain Mapping (Quantitative EEG) and Neurotherapy to "look under the hood” and directly analyze the underlying brain wave activity that give rise to those behaviors and emotions. Neurotherapy (Neurofeedback and mild, noninvasive Neurostimulation) directly trains, reprograms, and improves brainwave patterns, mood, and behaviors. ABOUT DR. OWENS AND THE OWENS CENTER FOR BIOFFEDBACK AND PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES: I enjoy using not only my professional experiences, but also my personal experiences to help clients struggling with problems with attention, chronic anxiety/worry, depression, and substance use. As a psychologist who has been successfully dealing with my own personal challenges such as ADHD, nicotine dependence, drinking problems in my private life (I have been abstinent for many years), I am able to apply the coping skills I learned on my own to enhance my professional clinical skills to help my clients. For example, I initially learned biofeedback techniques to help me deal with the stress of stopping smoking and remaining comfortably abstinent from both nicotine and alcohol. Subsequently I continued to use and learn these techniques and others to deal with other personal challenges as well as to incorporate them into my clinical work with clients. Located in the Baytree/Suntree area of Melbourne, Florida, the Owens Center for Biofeedback & Psychological Services was opened in 2005 by Henry Owens, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist. Dr. Owens has been in full-time private practice successfully treating children through adults in the Melbourne area since 1993. Previously, he had worked in hospitals, clinics, and educational settings in New York. He received his doctorate in Psychology from St. John's University in New York. Dr. Owens has given numerous presentations on parenting, ADHD, biofeedback, substance abuse and many other topics to professional, parent, and community groups. Dr. Owens has been been a Professional Advisor to Ch.A.D.D. (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders). He has facilitated weekly SMART Recovery (Self Management And Recovery Training) meetings and continues to support SMART Recovery and serves as a professional consultant. MY APPROACH TO PROBLEM DRINKING AND SUBSTANCE USE: My approach to problematic drinking and substance use is somewhat different from the traditional 12-Step model. I help clients develop their own unique treatment plan tailored to their specific needs that includes dealing with urges, changing habit patterns, and l earning new and improved coping skills. QEEG-based Neurotherapy can improve mood and stability to enhance recovery. In addition to evidenced-based therapy procedures such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, there is ample research showing that along with therapy, attendance at a self-help or mutual support group, such as either SMART Recovery (Self Management And Recovery Training) or A.A. is effective in overcoming problematic substance use. PERSONAL STATEMENT: "Besides being a professional psychologist, I am also a father, husband, son, and brother. When someone comes to me for help with a problem, or for help with what is most precious to them -- their child--I feel a very keen sense of both empathy and responsibility. I approach them with the same care and dignity that I would offer my own family member. I believe in treating individuals with the highest level of professional expertise possible and to honor the trust they have placed in me." SAFETY NOTICE: For your and our safety we strictly observe the CDC COVID-19 guidelines. Please contact us for specific details.
Henry Owens, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist


Who and How We Help: Treatment Areas and Approaches

  • Anxiety (Chronic Worry, Phobias, Shy)
  • Mood Disorders and Depression
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • OCD
  • Problematic Drinking and Substance Use
  • Addictions
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Sex Positive and Kink Friendly
  • LGTBQA Friendly


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Psychological Testing and Evaluation
  • Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
  • Neurotherapy
  • Brain Mapping or QEEG (Quantitative EEG)
  • Neuro-stimulation (safe, non-invasive tDCS and tACS)
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Stim (pEMF) mild, gentle, safe
  • Hemoencephalography (HEG)
  • Clinical Sex Therapy


  • Initial Comprehensive Interview -60 min.: $150
  • Neurotherapy - 45 minutes: $125
  • Counseling - 45 minutes: $125
  • QEEG (Brain Mapping): $695
  • ADD/ADHD Evaluation - 3 hours: $525
  • GSP Testing: $525
  • Learning Disabilities Evaluation: $875 - $1,175
  • Psychological Testing -each hour: $150


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